Stop your pool leak in Helotes by calling The Pool Professor.
Helotes Pool Leaks Are No Match For Our Team

Having a leak from your Helotes pool can be more than annoying – it can be potentially very expensive. Not only can small leaks create big cracks over time, but the escaping water can also cause considerable damage to your yard or even your home. At The Pool Professor, we know how to check for pool leaks, and more importantly, how to fix them.

If you suspect your pool in Helotes may have a leak, there’s a few signs that The Pool Professor will look for during a pool repair visit. The first and most obvious is simply if you’re having to add water every week. However, other symptoms like air in your filtration system, visible cracks, soggy areas close to the pool, and more could be easily overlooked signs of a leak.

After we use our professional equipment to identify the source of the leak, The Pool Professor will show our true expertise in resolving the problem. Never ones to apply a patchwork fix that’ll start leaking again in just a short time, we’ll find the crack, hose, or other problem creating the leak and replace or repair it right at the source, leaving you with a perfectly functioning San Antonio pool.

Don’t let a pool leak in Helotes ruin your summer. Call The Pool Professor at 210-695-2530 for affordable repairs.


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